Matt Pacey
Diabolo performer

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Matt PaceyOver the last few years we have seen a huge increase in popularity of the old circus trick, diabolo.

Matt Pacey has been at the forefront of that, pioneering a new style of diabolo that engages people of all ages. The mixture of technically fantastic tricks and dynamic freestyling creates a truly unique and mesmerizing act. Whether it’s on stage in front of 20,000 people or on the other side of world, showcasing to Chinese school children Matt’s act is certain to add something different and engaging to everyone, regardless of gender, culture or age. Matt has years of experience performing, teaching and engaging crowds of all sizes and is certain to be the talking point of any event. A cool, vibrant and unique act and not one to be missed.


"Matt is a born entertainer! He wowed over 20,000 people on the stage with his well practised and faultless diabolo routines. He has an engaging energy and leaves viewers in awe of what he can do. Seriously great fun and entertaining!" - Gemma Hunt (CBBC)

"Give Matt Pacey any audience, of any age, and he’ll have them on the edge of their seat within 30 seconds. Put it this way, if I could pick just one act to bring an event to life I’d choose Matt every time." - Nathan Shepherd (Events Director, Vision)

"Matt is a born entertainer, he can win an audience quickly and keep them forever! Watch out world, here he comes..." - Chip Kendall (formerly of thebandwithnoname)

Media clips

Matt Pacey: Promo 2016 (flash video, 1′22″)
Promo 2016
flash video, 1′22″
Matt Pacey: BCDO 2012 (flash video, 3′29″)
BCDO 2012
flash video, 3′29″
Matt Pacey: Live at Vision 2010 (flash video, 3′51″)
Live at Vision 2010
flash video, 3′51″
Matt Pacey: Christmas Showreel 2010 (flash video, 1′35″)
Christmas Showreel 2010
flash video, 1′35″
Matt Pacey: Matt Pacey (jpeg image)
Matt Pacey
jpeg image

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